Woven Willow Wand - Midi 25cm
Woven Willow Wand - Midi 25cm
Woven Willow Wand - Midi 25cm
Woven Willow Wand - Midi 25cm

Woven Willow Wand - Midi 25cm

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Woven Willow Wand - Midi 25cm

Plant it, water it, watch it grow!

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It's that easy! In just 6 weeks, the ornamental stem will astonishingly develop into a splendid topiary crown.

The wand's height remains constant, gradually fusing together in the initial seasons to create a solitary trunk with a captivating woven pattern. All you need to do is shape the crown according to your preferences and enhance the foliage's density.

Whether placed as a striking centrepiece or grown in rows for an extraordinary twist on conventional hedges, your wand can add a touch of elegance to any space.

Each Wand is meticulously handcrafted using nine living willow stems, resulting in an exquisite symmetrical weave. Simply plant the wand, provide it with water, and then carefully trim the magnificent topiary crown.

  • Stem Height: 25cm
  • Overall Length: 43cm

The Stem Height refers to the length of the visible stem from the ground level (top of the pot) to the decorative collar.

The Overall Length encompasses the entire wand, including the portion planted in the soil and the section above the collar where the branches flourish. Feel free to trim the topiary crown to your preferred height and shape.