Firepits UK Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack
Firepits UK Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack
Firepits UK Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack

Firepits UK Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack

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Firepits UK Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack

The Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack Collection is specifically designed to be used with fire pits. Its unique half-moon shape provides easy access to the fire, allowing you to split the fire pit in two and create hot embers on one side. The BBQ rack is then placed over the hot embers, and you can use the Ash Rake to move the embers around and control the heat. If you need more heat, you can rake extra embers over to the BBQ rack. The knobs on the BBQ rack can also be used to slide it closer to the flames for more intense cooking.

While these racks may begin to rust immediately and lose their black finish, this does not impact their long-term durability. As they are handmade from sheet steel, there may be slight variations in the forging and finish due to naturally occurring blemishes.

Delivery usually takes two weeks from the date of order. Please note that the delivery is kerbside, and the driver will not be able to carry the fire pit into your garden. If there is no one at home, the driver will leave the pallet or box in a safe location if available.

Technical Specifications:

  • For 50cm pits - 64cm in width, 35cm in depth, and 3kg in weight
  • For 60cm pits - 74cm in width, 40cm in depth, and 5kg in weight
  • For 70cm pits - 84cm in width, 45cm in depth, and 6kg in weight
  • For 80cm pits - 94cm in width, 50cm in depth, and 7kg in weight
  • For 90cm pits - 104cm in width, 55cm in depth, and 9kg in weight