Firepits UK Dome Oven
Firepits UK Dome Oven
Firepits UK Dome Oven
Firepits UK Dome Oven
Firepits UK Dome Oven

Firepits UK Dome Oven

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Firepits UK Dome Oven

Crafted from high-quality British steel, the Dome Oven is a durable outdoor oven built to endure the elements. Its unique domed roof effectively reflects heat, enabling you to cook your food at higher temperatures. Plus, the rotating cooking platform ensures that your meals are cooked evenly while retaining heat, without the need to frequently open the oven door.

Unlike other outdoor ovens that rely on pellets or kindling, the Dome Oven is fueled by logs. To start the fire, pull the fire plate towards the front of the oven and add logs just as you would on a fire pit. Once the fire is going strong, load up with logs, push them to the back of the oven, and close the door. The oven heats up quickly and can cook multiple pizzas, making it perfect for entertaining.

Apart from pizzas, the Dome Oven can be used to roast vegetables, bake fish, slow-cook stews, flame-grill steaks, and infuse smoky flavors into large joints of meat. You can also use it to flame-bake flatbreads and focaccia, create crusty loaves, and roast side dishes and puddings. The oven has air vents that allow you to regulate the temperature, and you can monitor the temperature using the built-in thermometer.

After you're done cooking, cleaning the Dome Oven is a breeze. Simply slide the fire plate out and dispose of the ash. To ensure safety, the oven must be placed on a sturdy base capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Delivery usually takes two weeks from the date of order. Please note that the delivery is kerbside, and the driver will not be able to carry the fire pit into your garden. If there is no one at home, the driver will leave the pallet or box in a safe location if available.

Technical Specifications:

  • Made in the UK
  • Constructed with 3mm steel
  • The unit is 70cm in diameter and 93cm in height (40cm without the chimney)
  • The oven opening is 36cm wide and 19cm tall
  • The unit weighs 55.5kg