Aquatic Live Food - Mix & Match
Aquatic Live Food - Mix & Match
Aquatic Live Food - Mix & Match
Aquatic Live Food - Mix & Match
Aquatic Live Food - Mix & Match

Aquatic Live Food - Mix & Match

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Description of Aquatic Live Food - Mix & Match

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Lots of micro-invertebrates will naturally find their way into your pond over time and become part of the ecosystem as it finds in natural balance. But sometimes you can add a helping hand, particularly if you have populations of natural predators such as fish and amphibians.


Daphnia, also known as 'water fleas', are a natural part of many freshwater aquatic food webs.

As well as being a great food source for many aquatic animals they can also help clear green water. As algae eaters, if their numbers are high enough they will help significantly in keeping pond water clear.


These wriggling little creatures aren't actually worms and are in fact the larvae of mosquitos.

Fish, amphibians and predatory invertebrates absolutely love them!

Tubifex Worms

Tubifex is a worm species that loves to live in sludge at the bottom of ponds. They perform important roles as aquatic decomposers as well as being as delicious to many pond predators including fish & amphibians.


These are also known as phantom midge larvae because they are transparent. Fish and predatory invertebrates love this food!